Cedar Commissions Grant Program

Bethany Battafarano:

Bethany Battafarano’s new work “Oda a la paz” (Ode to Peace) is a fusion of Western classical and Latin American musics, made up of poems from contemporary Peru and Ecuadorian folklore. It challenges the underrepresentation of Latin American sounds and languages in the choral music canon.

Ritika Ganguly:

Arranged as six distinct yet connected pieces, Ritika Gangly’s new work Osthir is an invitation to tousle and ruffle. It brings together poems written by six poets spanning 19th century Bengal, Victorian England, 20th century Chile, and contemporary New Delhi.

Damuen Strange:

Dameun Strange’s new work Helianthus tells the story of the composer traveling through time to visit 4 generations of family matriarchs. The operetta spans just over a century and a half as eventually our time traveler leaps twenty years from present to get a glimpse of a descendent of these complicated yet incredible women.

SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE and Eric Silva Brenneman:

A fresh collaborative work from cellist Eric Silva Brenneman​ and MC SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE​, Flow and the Bow takes two talented and risk-taking artists of color and propels them into a musical science experiment around that rare intersection between hip-hop and classical music. Flipping tradition on its head in both genres, Eric and SEE are exploring and testing the dynamics between “one cello and a microphone.” Listen for hip-hop’s boom bap heartbeat pulsing classical motifs through a circulatory system that moves a body through mythology, mysticism, and social justice.

Krissy Bergmark:

Composer and tabla player Krissy Bergmark is creating an intimate, emotional story line through a “compositional conversation” with dancer Lauren Baker, exchanging excerpts of music and choreography to create a three movement piece for tabla, cello, electric guitar, fiddle, and dancer. Hear about her process of creating work across genres, and the challenges of composing outside of percussion in this short video spotlight.

Zack Baltich:

Zack Baltich’s new work ingress/passage for drum-set, bass clarinet, and percussion (marimba, tuned bottles, found objects)seeks alternative textural possibilities through the use of contact microphones. Discover a paradox of challenging, yet inviting soundscapes in this piece that uses uncommon performance techniques within familiar confines of form and key center.


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